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Ongoing projects


Ongoing Projects

IDS Nepal carefully chooses projects working in various regions and districts of the country, and ensures an explicit focus on the improvement of quality of life for all of its beneficiaries. Since the establishment of IDS Nepal, 102 projects have been successfully completed. The organization is currently undergoing Ten Projects.

These projects include:

Implementation Phase Batch X Detailed Activities: Program Implemented in Sagardina Water Supply Project; Materiya Water Supply and Sanitation Project; Matiariya Water Supply and Sanitation Project and Rambasti Water Supply and Sanitation Project Beneficiaries are Sagardina Water Supply Project: Total HHs 159; Total Pop. 921 (M 473, F 456); Poor HHs 18 (Pop. 117) Materiya WSSP: Total HHs 171; Total Pop. 943 (M 495, F 448); Poor HHs 146 (Pop. 801) Matiariya WSSP: Total HHs 163; Total Pop. 875 (M 476, F 399); Poor HHs 59 (Pop. 293) Rambasti WSSP: Total HHs 155; Total Pop. 891(M 471, F 420); Poor HHs 72 (Pop. 412) WSS schemes constructing as per design estimates Overhead tank construction and tube well construction Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Fund regular collection…
Implement and Prepare WASH in Schools Profile Report of Mid and Far Western Public Schools Detailed Activities: Prepare detail WASH status of public schools of mid and far western regions (Rukum East and West, Jajarkot, Dailekh, Bajura, Darchula, Baitadi, Dadeldhura, Doti and Achham) Consultation meeting with concern stakeholders Sharing and finalizing questionnaire with WFP, DoE and WASH experts for finalizing questionnaire Sharing final questionnaire with WFP and DoE in both Nepali and English Print the finalize questionnaire from the printing press Orientation to enumerators about the survey form Collect, process and analyse the status of WASH related knowledge and practice among students and WASH facilities in all public schools Identify WASH related knowledge, practice and infrastructure gaps in the region Compile and prepare standard status report of WASH in schools
Post Open Defecation Free (ODF) Support in GSF supported ODF Districts in Bardiya Detailed Activities: Compliment total sanitation activities in 6 VDCsPatabhar, Pashupatinagar, Manau, Sorahawa, Mainapokhar and Jamuni (New Restructure Geruwa Rural Municipality and Badaiyatal Rural Municipality) of Bardiya district consisting 12,171 HHs with 62,372 Population (Male: 29,080 and Female: 33,292) Sector Coordination and Planning workshop on total sanitation promotion program VDC level post ODF/TSSP plan of Action formulation workshop Capacity building orientation training on total sanitation guideline for VDC secretaries and Secretaries of Rural Municipality 54 events of 2 days ward level total sanitation orientation including all cross cutting issues Base line survey of 6 VDCs Advocacy, awareness and demonstration and visibility through electronic and print media Develop sanitation model community 2 in each VDC comprising 50 HHs in average Conduct triggering…
Ideas to Impact - Adaptation at Scale Prize Project (Partners CGED-Nepal and SIAS) Detailed Activities: Managing the incoming prize applications where still outstanding, and developing relationships with these applications Developing the capacity of applicants to monitor their progress from the start of Stage 2 going forward, including the development of suitable indicators and verification tools Developing and distributing relevant materials to applicants including supporting them in their applications where necessary Utilizing the organization's resources and/or media partners and network to promote the prize will also be an invaluable tool to engage a wider community of interested experts and solvers Supporting the judging process through selection of judges, and development of the judging criteria in collaboration with the technical advisers Undertaking verification and due diligence on possible prize winners
Community based Flood and Glacial Lake Outburst Risk Reduction Project (CFGORRP) Detailed Activities: To prepare Gender sensitive and inclusive village level disaster risk management plan (VDRMP) for Sarpallo and Nainhi VDCs of Mahottari district Systematic collection, review and analysis of available documents Collecting socio-economic information and livelihood assets Participatory and consultative meeting Collect baseline information and mapping Need assessment Facilitate local vulnerable communities to get approval of the VDRMP from respective VDC and DDC
NGO Services for Implementation of Social and Health Awareness, Livelihood Enhancement and Biodiversity Conservation Activities Detailed Activities: Livelihood enhancement through local capacity building Women and disadvantaged group mainstreaming Minimize unintended road accident and health impact of road corridor community Biodiversity conservation, supervise and monitor afforestation and bioengineering efforts Communication and media outreach
Improving Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) under the School Meals Programme (SMP) Phase II Detailed Activities: Compliment SMP with WASH activities in 968 Schools of Rukum, Jajarkot, Dailekh, Bajura, Bajhang and Darchula benefitting 203,088 direct beneficiaries (106,112 students, 14,520 S-WASH-CC members, 72,600 teachers/parents/community members; Individual trained 6,776, VDC level Orientation 3,080) and 823,176 indirect beneficiaries. District level planning and sharing meeting/ workshop SWASHCC mobilization and activation in 968 schools District level joint monitoring Strengthen, Orient and Mobilize School Child Clubs 194 Training events for HMs/ SMCs/ PTAs 120 Tippy Tap Construction in Schools Sanitation Kits Establishment and Management Daily Handwashing Practices One Social Mobilizer Refresher Training IEC material distribution and translation 6 Model school establishment Support to existing WASH model school Installation of 12 Improved Cooking Stoves in schools only in Dailekh district
Rehabilitation and Reconstruction (R&R) Program After Earthquake Detailed Activities: Community mass meeting to inform about R&R Health, Hygiene and Sanitation Program Sanitation activities for ODF Guide and assist the community to rebuild the scheme Conduct different training program and sanitation activities Detail Survey and Design Rehabilitation/construction of WSS schemes
Watershed Management NGO Package 1 JV with CGED Nepal Detailed Activities: Support for the Declaration of the SNNP buffer zone; sensitization and community awareness building and social mobilization activities for community based conservation and watershed management Mapping and Planning of Integrated Watershed Management Plan, mapping of the dam, catchment areas; management plans to mitigate possible impact of tourism/visitors Demonstration and Training programs for watershed management, biodiversity, organic farming and eco-tourism, energy efficient alternatives, eco-friendly household toilets and waste management Organic Farming and Ecotourism Community Afforestation through Plantation of Fuel/Fodder/Fruit Trees for Slope Stabilization, setting up on-farm nursery and finalizing buy-back guarantee of seedlings produced Promotion of more Efficient Cooking Stoves Improved Sanitation and Waste Management, awareness building and communication national and municipality laws and regulations on household waste water…
Fellow-Up Open Defecation Free Campaign in Bara District Detailed Activities: Sector Coordination and Planning Support and facilitate D/V-WASH-CC and HHs to construct approximately 7,000 toilets Capacity Development for Behavioural Change, Communication and Monitoring ODF Campaign: Achievement of ODF status of remaining 12 VDCs out of 15 working VDCs Establish post ODF mechanism in at least 3 ODF VDCs At least 90% of people living in 30 GSF supported VDCs Hand Washing Practices