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Bardiya: Approach for Total Sanitation District

GSF/UN-Habitat aims to empower and sensitize communities for safe disposal of excreta and adopts sustainable sanitation and hygiene behaviours and in Nepal follows the Sanitation and Hygiene Master Plan, 2011 as a guiding document for promoting sanitation and hygiene. IDS-Nepal's team is responsible to achieve the objectives set out to build capacity of WASH coordination committees on total sanitation and initiate total sanitation campaign; to support to formulation of district and VDC/RM level strategic post ODF plans; to bring behavioural changes in school and communities for hand washing and sustainable use of toilets & adoption of proper hygiene behaviours; to strengthen district level monitoring and knowledge management towards total sanitation; to support district to build and demonstrate model communities and villages moving towards total sanitation in 6 VDCs of Bardiya within 9 months period